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will deleting and reinstalling Nero Burning ROM unlock program?

how do I delete then reinstall Nero Burning ROM 2016. Will the new install take my serial number? Nero says that software (NBR2016) Is not working. So, is deleting and then reinstalling the best solution? Software does not work at present. Thanks
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  • Hi Barbara,
    It depends on the reason for the "locking" ... for example, if you have re-installed the software more than 5 times, it becomes "locked".

    To fix that, you can send the details to with the serial number to ask if it can be reset.

    The serial number is 39 characters long including the hyphens.

    Or try the web-form to ask for help:

    Technical support (Requires a serial number):

    Customer Service:

    If you try to uninstall and re-install if it is not a problem with the 5 times limit ...

    The serial number might be still in the registry, or you can reenter it via the Nero ControlCenter / Serial Numbers / "Add" button.

    If the issue is that the "trial" version is still showing in the Nero ControlCenter and your paid for serial number is also in there ... try right-clicking on the "trial" serial number and "remove" that one.

    You might need to reboot the computer after doing that for the change to work.

    If you need the installer again for the software ... you can try the stub installer from the downloads webpage:

    "NEW! Nero Burning ROM 2016
    The World's Best Burning Engine!"

    Version Details
    Release Date: Thu 30 Jun 2016 CEST
    File Size: 2.93MB (3,073,872B)
    MD5 Checksum: 73a052e1fd2fab50b5a33191550fc057
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