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Windows 10 Is Here - Nero Is Gone......

When I had Windows 10 installed on my computer, I thought I was able to keep all my files and programs. Not so...... When I installed Windows 10, I lost my Nero software. How can I get help from Nero to install Nero back onto my computer? I can not see anywhere that you can contact Nero on their website. Please help...... Thank you.
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  • Hi Richard,
    It could be that the Nero apps are just not not showing up in the Windows 10 All Apps section from the Start Button?

    What version of Nero software did you have prior to the upgrade to Windows 10?

    Try looking in the folder :

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Nero\Nero XX\Nero Launcher\"

    NOTE: XX for your version of Nero.

    If you can locate the file "NeroLauncer.exe"
    right-click on it and select Pin to Start
    or Send To / Desktop(create shortcut)

    That might be a way to have things working again.

    BTW ...the contact email for Nero is:
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