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I’m pissed off ready to scream

Wow let's all agree this software is truly horrible! The worst i have ever been involved with.

Force customers to re-purchase every year without updating the actual software.
The add ons in Video are so 1999 and haven't been changed since Nero 7.
You do not allow for "System Refresh" or a reinstall of an OS. Ok, maybe one time you give the message "are you reinstalling on the same computer?" but after that, that's it and you try to force us to pay more money. Listen, i only use Nero on one computer at a time ALWAYS. I NEVER TRY TO INSTALL IT ON MULTIPLE MACHINES. Why would i? Give us a way let you know that we are still working with one installation at a time. But you don't give a shit you're just trying to make money using the shadiest ways.
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